Help Us Grow ProgreCit

Progressive Citizens has been fully funded by its creators but to continue growing we need your help. We need money to continue developing the digital platform, to increase the security and protection of data, to hire better servers, and to hire people to be in charge of managing the site and member service.

We do not want to rely only on donations, although initially, we will need some. Please check all the options about how you can help us until our network become self-sustainable.


The first option, and very important now is to get Donations. You can make a one-time donation and/or small monthly donations. Everything counts. One dollar is added to another and we can achieve new objectives.

Each semester ProgreCit members will be informed of the use of these and other funds raised. We believe in total transparency as the best way to generate trust in our followers.

Make ONE-TIME Donation

$ 5 / 10 / 15

Make MONTHLY Donations

$ 1 / 5 / 10


We are about to start (or just started) crowdfunding campaigns on GoFundMe to fund ProgreCit’s improvement & development. We are convinced that we can make a big difference in the International Progressive Movement and at the same time help many people advance their personal and professional goals.

We are super excited about this project and we hope you like it as well. Thanks for your support. CLICK HERE to go to…


Participating in our global and local projects is another way to help finance the development of ProgreCit and the progress-generating-projects that we are going to finance ourselves.


Our Store will be ready soon and if you buy something that is useful to you, you will also be contributing to the financing of this progressive platform. Additionally, we are concluding the necessary steps to become Affiliates of Amazon and other providers, so that when acquiring something from them from, they will pay us a commission.