Our Projects

That’s How We Help to Change the World

As our Community grows, we plan to incorporate viable, concrete, feasible and, above all, useful progressive projects that make a contribution, small or large, to the changes we intend to achieve. Each project generates benefits for its creators but also contributes a portion to the purpose of Neo Citizens to finance replicable development projects.

PLEASE note that all of these projects are under development and implementation. We will keep you informed about the departure of each one of them.

Loans Between Family and Friends


There’s a saying that “if you lend money to a friend, you lose the money and you lose the friend”. Well, no more. For Neo Citizens members we have designed the perfect tool that allows applying for and granting loans among very close people, but with the same guarantees and seriousness of the institutional loans. Do you need money? This is your chance.

Entrepreneurs and Investors Working Together

Looking For Partners

Many entrepreneurs have brilliant ideas but lack the capital to carry them out. Others have the capital and they break their heads thinking about investing opportunities. Neo Citizens Members that are Entrepreneurs or Investors will now have a specially designed platform so they can get in touch and work together. Do you have a business project? This is your chance.

Websites For All

Neo Web

Each person and every business deserves to have a WEBSITE. Nowadays and above all, in the near future, having a “website” is like having a name. The problem is that the good ones are expensive. And the cheap ones are useless. It was true until the Neo Web appeared, where you according to what you want to achieve. The fact is that now you can have your site. Do you need a website? This is your chance.

Serious Political Analysis

Neo Politics

It’s incredible that in the information world, we live in the era of misinformation. It takes a lot of work to discern between truth and falsehood. Between the trash and the truly useful social data interpretation. Now Neo Citizens classifies it for you. Do you need to be aware of the real and reliable information? This is your chance.

Everything That Has Some Value, Is For Sale

Selling The World

Yes, we are selling the “imaginary possession” of everything that exists or has ever existed: planets, countries, cities, streets, people, historical facts, words, numbers, etc. It is an advertising game, which benefits who sponsors the “for-sale-items” and who acquires their possession. With what is obtained, we will begin financing 1,000 replicable development projects around the world with a positive impact on issues related to economic, environmental, and social justice.

Learning Spanish is not an Option, it’s a Great Opportunity

Spanish For All

There are over 400 million Spanish speakers worldwide. By learning Spanish, you’ll be better able to communicate with progressive Spanish speakers. Latin American countries are also very important trading partners. With more than 35 million speakers, Spanish is the second largest language in the United States. Hispanics are also the largest minority in the United States, with the majority of them being Spanish speakers.